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Critique on Out of Rushmore’s Shadow: The Luigi Del Bianco Story

Out of Rushmore’s Shadow is a true story, behind a story. A story that was untold, unrecognized, and unacknowledged, until, brought to the attention of the world. It is a story exposing, an ignored accomplishment, of a master sculptor — an artist who helped to create one of the world’s masterpieces, the Mount Rushmore Monument.

Both the son and grandson helped to document the full and true story of Chief Carver. Out of Mount Rushmore’s Shadow: The Luigi Del Bianco Story, is a universal story, not only of the accomplishment of Chief Carver but is an outcry of love, of the family, an Italian concept, “Blood of My Blood,” (Sangue Del Mio Sangue) to pay honor, respect, and homage, where due. In the true Italian tradition, both the son of Luigi Del Bianco, Cesar, and the grandson, Lou, helped to bring this story to life.

Like an Italian Opera, they sang their song of praise to honor Chief Carver. Their persistence, perseverance, dedication, and love of family are like an Aria of an opera, highlighting Luigi’s significant contribution to the world. It is no wonder that the son, and the grandson, of an Italian Immigrant, would help to right a wrong, and sets the record straight.

Walk with Lou. Meet the family, as Lou (master storyteller) tells this story. Lou Del Bianco’s, Out of Mount Rushmore’s Shadow: The Luigi Del Bianco Story, is a wholesome family story. An excellent, absorbing, touching, and honest read. An immigrant’s history and an American account. We are celebrating Rushmore’s, Chief Carver, (and much more) as he walked out of Rushmore’s Shadow into the light. You will not be disappointed. You will be enthralled.

By Vincent J. Tomeo

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