Joe Stagnitta: son, nephew and grandson of great stone carvers

Posted by Lou Del Bianco

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Stagnitta and his lovely wife Margaret in February at his home in Hyde Park, NY. Joe is the grandson of Giosofat Nesti, who hailed from Pietrasanta. The hammer Joe is holding is one that his father, uncle and grandfather used in their work. The marble encasing the clock is from Sienna. Isn’t it beautiful? My favorite photo is of Joe at 2 years old working with his nonno’s carving tools. Priceless!  (You can click on the images to see them bigger) I loved hearing Joe’s stories about his family and seeing all the beautiful marble and stone work throughout his house. He takes such great pride in his ancestors accomplishments. It is clear to see  that Joe is so proud of his heritage. I’m so glad I got to meet him and so many other proud Italian Americans who honor the artisans in their families. These proud Italians practiced their art anonymously for many years “in the shadows” while creating great works that we all can appreciate today!

Joe proudly holding the hammer of his Dad and Nonno.

Joe proudly holding the hammer of his dad, uncle and nonno.Beautiful clock made from Sienna marble.

Beautiful clock made from Sienna marble.

Another gorgeous piece.

Another gorgeous piece.


Joe Stagnitta age 2

2 year old Joe Stagnitta trying out his carving skills. I guess you can say it’s in the blood!

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